ZuluZuluu is now Astralblak

Astralblak, back in their ZuluZuluu days.

Astralblak, back in their ZuluZuluu days. Sarah White

You went to bed a ZuluZuluu fan, but you woke up an Astralblak fan.

The six-member Twin Cities hip-hop/R&B collective, winner of City Pages' 2016 Picked to Click poll, announced this morning that it has decided to change its name.

"The main reason for the name change was a matter of authenticity and accountability,” the group said in a statement. “Being that none of us is directly related to the actual Zulu tribe of South Africa, we collectively decided that changing the name would be the most respectful course of action. Astralblak is universal as in connecting with the universe, it is all encompassing in its narrative of blackness and highlights the diversity in all of our individual experiences as artists and members of the unified diaspora.”

You can catch the group's very last show as ZuluZuluu at Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall this afternoon at 4:00.

And just when I was finally starting to remember how many “u”s to spell ZuluZuluu with. 

Here's the first track from the newly rechristened Astralblak.