Zooey Deschanel engaged to Pitchfork.com

Zooey Deschanel engaged to Pitchfork.com

Ben Gibbard, lucky S.O.B.

Here's something for people who are too proud to pick up a copy of The Inquirer: Zooey Deschanel, best known as the pie eyed, much adored older sister in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, is officially engaged to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service.

Gibbard will have to take the bitter with the sweet in this July/September romance (Gibbard is 32, Deschanel 28). While Deschanel has hit a comfy cruising altitude with her debut record Volume One, which should clear all major skyscrapers and mountain ranges, she is also currently starring alongside Jim Carey in Yes Man. So, you know. A door closes, a window opens.

Undoubtedly, Gibbard applauds and weeps, and then says a hundred rosaries for the victory he has struck on behalf of bespectacled shoegazers nationwide. It may prove to be this generation's answer to Lovett/Roberts, the frog and princess romance that gave us toads a fighting chance for a brief period in the '90s.

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