Zoo Animal's "Laying and Lying" video is carefully choreographed

Is there anything that Holly Newsom can't do? Sure, we know the Zoo Animal singer can write a song, DJ a show, or even run her own record label; hell, we christened her an Artist of the Year just last December for those very reasons. But what really gets us is finding out, say, that she can sing and maintain eye contact with a camera, all while showing a nifty turn at ice skating. (Pressing matters, after all, in these wintry environs.)

Now, thanks to a moody new video from Northern Outpost, embedded below the jump, we find out that Newsom also has a soft spot for choreography. Color us impressed.
The video was filmed in the back room of Nick and Eddie, with choreography by former Wars of 1812 drummer, Bobby Maher. It focuses on two people, a man and a woman, dancing slowly in a shadowy room, before curling up together on the floor. Newsom hovers in the background, somberly singing "Laying and Lying," the opening track off her soon-to-be-released album, Departure.

Speaking of which, Departure will get its official release next month, February 18, at the 7th St. Entry. Gospel Gossip, Is/Is, and Gramma's Boyfriend will join Newsom and co. on the bill.

Zoo Animal - "Laying and Lying" Music Video from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

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