Zoo Animal, the Goondas cover Bob Dylan


As part of an overwhelming display of love for Bob Dylan on his 70th birthday this past Tuesday, Radio K invited four different local bands into their studios to play three-song sets of Bob Dylan covers. All four bands offered up interesting takes on some of the Minnesota-born songwriter's most famous songs, but perhaps the best cover to emerge from that day was Zoo Animal's rendition of "Highway 61."

[jump] Lead singer Holly Newsom has always had an elastic voice, but here she stretches it even further to mimic Dylan's own vocal idiosyncrasies and sneering swoops. The music, too, seems to fall out of time, the instruments stumbling apart and then coming back together.

Download it by clicking on the link below:

mp3: Zoo Animal, "Highway 61 Revisited" Download

For more of Radio K's Dylan sessions, including performances by the Goondas, Walker Fields, and the Orange Mighty Trio, head to the station's in-studio page.