Zoo Animal, Heliotrope featured in this week's City Pages

Zoo Animal
Zoo Animal
Photo by Emily Utne

In case you haven't picked up a print edition of City Pages yet this week, here's a brief rundown of our music content, which is all available online for your perusal.

Zoo Animal release new self-titled album
By Jeff Gage
We talk to Zoo Animal about their sophomore release, which Jeff Gage says is "a step forward in capturing the sound and vision they've built their live reputation on... The songs are spare and dark with a noticeably rougher edge than their predecessors." Read on for the band's thoughts on their role as a serious rock band playing not-so-serious rock clubs, and incorporating their struggles and triumphs with faith into their music.

7 Picks for Heliotrope 7
By David Hansen
We highlight our top septet of must-see acts at this year's experimental music celebration Heliotrope, including Daughters of the Sun, International Novelty Gamelan, Chickadee Mountain Martyrs, and more.

5ingles: The Songs We Can't Escape
By Ray Cummings
Spinning the latest singles, including Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg, Cloud Nothings, and locals Condominiums.

Critics' Picks
By Gimme Noise staff
Our recommendations for the top shows to see this week, from Dragons Power Up! at the Turf to Mystery Palace and Estate at the Triple Rock to Josh Rouse at the Dakota.

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