Zombie Pub Crawl announces 2014 music lineup

When Zombie Pub Crawl hits the Warehouse District this fall, expect cake-throwing along with the usual devouring of brains. The live showmanship of DJ Steve Aoki leads this year's music lineup for the October 11 bash, complete with food trucks and over a dozen bars with special deals for the zombified public.

Three 6 Mafia rapper Juicy J and Minnesota's loud and proud original Prof will also highlight the music set on two outdoor stages. It feels as though the intensity of the party will hit a new peak this year.

Continuing the fracas is Public Enemy hypeman Flavor Flav, who tops the all-tribute "Covered in Blood" stage. There's DJ Rusko, and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan bringing to town his own Resistance Pro Wrestling.

Further undead entertainment comes courtesy of Denzel "Aquarius Killa" Curry, Deniro Farrar, Impaler, Gramma's Boyfriend, Appetite For Zaccardi, Private Oates, KiDs LiKe Us, and a ton of local DJs.

Zombie Pub Crawl 2014. $25, or $20 per person for 10 or more, VIZ is $66.60. Saturday, October 11. Tickets.

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