Zombie Christmas pleases a few dead punks

A long evening of drunken zombies wearing Santa hats, ugly holiday sweaters and even reindeer antlers, the first annual Zombie Christmas Ball was only a slight hit, but good enough for those who attended. Lots of leather jackets, mohawks and studded attire stood calmly about the Nomad, bloody faces looking on towards the slew of punk/rockabilly bands that entertained throughout the evening.

A highlight of the evening was the "beauty" pageant, complete with talent contest. A hula hoop and apparent attempt at juggling (chucking the balls into the crowd) were just a couple of the fine skills presented for the competition. The winner was determined by crowd applause and was presented her construction paper crown by one of the slutty zombie elves.


Bright red lips to match her bright red dress, the first ever Miss Zombie Christmas was disgustingly sexy and vivaciously dead. Dried blood flaking off her stained throat, chest and chin, pageant winner Marya was celebrating hard in the outdoor courtyard, cocktail in one hand and a cigarette in another. The snow landed on her ratty hair as she talked about being a dog groomer and the "comic relief" of the pageant. She felt "good" about winning and her only solid comment was "I hate classic rock." When asked what she planned to do during her year as reining Miss Zombie Christmas, she stumbled and mumbled something about wearing her felt sash everywhere. Friend Kristy disagreed. "You're gonna run out of TP and wipe your pussy with that thing." ...yikes.

Other noteable observations included the prescene of an apparent zombie dog; a Jack-Russel  sized pooch sat on the lap of a women in the middle of the bar. The dog wore a striped t-shirt with skull design and smear of faux blood on the top of his head. Louder than comfortable for humans, I couldn't image how the little animal could stand all that hard rock. 


A legit zombie event, the night of course included the dead dude chant: "What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want 'em? BRAINS!" The deadlings in the room gleamed.