Zak Sally leaves Low on a high note

class=img_thumbleft>Low bassist Zak Sally

announced to Pitchfork

today that he is leaving the 12-year-old Duluth-born band. He has been replaced by Duluth multi-instrumentalist Matt Livingston. Sally said in a press statement: "I sincerely hope that someday we can sit in the basement and make music together, but for now, there are more important things than music."

Sally has been busy with his artwork, comic books, and rejuvenated publishing venture, La Mano. Last month, he told CP he wanted to focus on telling stories that resonated the way San Francisco-based La Mano artist John Porcellino's comic-book memoirs can, even when detailing simple stories of eating asparagus for the first time. Sally, who at the time was days away from welcoming his first child into the world, also said, "There comes a time in your life when you just want to make people laugh," perhaps a sign comics and family were to become top priorities for the artist.

Sally's currently working on a lighter follow-up comic to his beautifully dark and visceral Recidivist #3. He also has a cameo in Steve Martin's Shopgirl (reviewed here by Lindsey Thomas), where he plays a member of Hot Tears, the fake band Jason Schwartzman's character tours with. More CP Zak Sally and Low articles can be found here. The new Low line-up performs at First Avenue on December 9th.

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