Yum! Justin 'Yummy' Bieber will yum it up in Minne-yum-polis in June, the yummiest month

Yummy? No, yum YOU!

Yummy? No, yum YOU! YouTube

Summer? More like “yummer,” because that’s when Justin Bieber will be coming to Target Center in 2020. (OK, I'll stop. Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?)

Alec Baldwin’s nephew-in-law will perform in Minneapolis on June 21. Kehlani, who is great, and Jaden Smith, who has his admirers, will open. Tickets go on sale to the general public on February 14, though pre-sale options begin on January 30.

The Biebs will have a new album before he comes to town: Changes will also be released on February 14, he announced today. The press release boasts that he’s reached “a new vocal plateau” so I guess plateauing is a good thing now?

Changes will be Bieber’s first full-length since Purpose in 2015, which, if I’ve calculated correctly, was a thousand years ago. In the time since, he’s been busy getting married or whatever.

As you may have heard, Bieber launched a desperate (and failed) campaign to get his new single, “Yummy,” to No. 1 by essentially pleading with his fans to stream it constantly. He even instructed them to continue to listen to the song while they sleep. Which I guess, if you have to listen to it, is the best time. (OK, the song’s not that bad. But it’s not good either.)

Hmm, what else? Bieber released a new track from the upcoming album, "Get Me," with Kehlani who, again, is great.

I have officially reached the end of things I have to say about Justin Bieber in January 2020. Post blog!