Yuck make their Twin Cities debut tonight at the Varsity Theater


When Jonny Rogoff answers the phone from London, one thing stands out: he sounds like a kid. Even when he's tucked in behind his drum kit during one of Yuck's concerts--his large afro bobbing gently to the rhythm of the music, a fuzzy beard lining his chin--he looks like a shy, baby-faced version of Questlove. But to hear him speak, you realize just how young he is.

[jump] Yuck, a four-piece from England, have garnered a fair amount of attention in a relatively short period of time. After first getting noticed for the sunny, hazed-out single "Georgia" last summer, they released their self-titled full-length last winter to largely positive reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. For guitarists and founding members Daniel Blumberg and Max Bloom it's already their second go-around, having experienced some modest success with their previous band, Cajun Dance Party. What's more, most of the band members are still under 20.

"It's been really cool," Rogoff says nervously, trying to contain his enthusiasm. His voice is high and wavering, his words slightly mumbled as he occasionally rushes some of his thoughts. "You try not to really read reviews or read anything that can alter the way you go about things because you just want to put your head down, do what you do without being effected by outside things."

For Rogoff, the experience has been more of an adventure than for the rest of his bandmates, as he's originally from New Jersey but picked up and moved to England in order to play with the band.

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