YouTube Killed the Parody Star: 2010's Worst Parodies

​The year of someone's Lord two-thousand some-odd was monumental in many ways, a zeitgeist perfectly embodied by emerging artists like Ke$ha and Far East Movement. But where there's smoke there's fire or maybe burning incense and a ritual of popular exorcism. You may be thinking "that makes perfect sense, but where's he going with this?"

Here now, the worst parodies of 2010.

[jump] "Call Of Duty Black Ops Song"

So she's a girl as Weezy...then he's rapping...then...gurgle...

TSA Pat Down

"It's worth it if we will not die..."

Miley Cyrus' Friends Parody Her Salvia Video

The same friends that leaked her not-terribly-embarrassing salvia video went back to the same room to talk shit and sing a shitty song. With friends like these...

The Most Liberal Time of The Year 

A clip from Bill Clinton's impeachment investigation? Come on guys, you're not even trying.

 "The Snooki Song"

What's better than Ke$ha? Snooki. What's better than Snooki though? An amateur actress singing Ke$ha as Snooki and KILLING IT.

"Shed a Tear" Inspired by Far East Movement's "Rocketeer"

Is this racist?

"Baby Lonely Lonely Baby Girly Girl"

I'm remiss to even include this as it's actually funny and respectfully short, but since a different video already took the top spot, IT'S THE WORST.

"The Twelve Days of Scrapbooking"

No words. 

"Kardashian Girls"

This is about the Kardashians. Ya burnt. 

"The Best of Times" by Sage Francis Goes Through the WoW Grind
This was just uploaded today actually. World of Warcraft was released six years ago. If you do the math, this should be about Starcraft II.

"Virgin Flights" to the Tune of Yeezy's "Flashing Lights"
This guy loves his daughter. His untalented, short-legged daughter.


How'd this get in here?

"A Christmas Story" Starring Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Kanye West, T Pain, Jim Jones, Wyclef and More! Not Really, Of Course

Props for ripping on Wyclef Jean, 2010's most heinous douchebag. But...

And now, as some cranberry sauce to the preceding rotten prime rib...