Your new best friend

class=img_thumbleft>No, it's not Tom from MySpace, though we know you spend hours a day staring at his smiling and oddly puerile little face. This new best friend smokes, drinks, possibly suffers from cold feet, and could be anything you want him to be, even a dude living in the former crafting/wrapping-paper room of his mom's basement. Meet Steve, a guy with an affinity for monochrome clothing and the drinky-drink who, unlike your finger-wagging mom upstairs, will never judge you or force you to clean up your ceiling-high beeramid.

Released by City Pages webmaster Brian Perry, Drinking with Steve is a DVD of a beer-swilling guy named Steve (what else?) who inexplicably wears slippers and never talks. Best of all, Steve makes you feel good about drinking solo. You simply pop in the DVD and your new drinking buddy appears on screen, allowing you to gulp back your burning loneliness like it's a tall shot of Jack. In the last week, Howard Stern, Gawker, and USA Today's pop culture blog have all picked up on the Drinking with Steve phenomenon, an idea that Brian Perry says Steve came up with about 10 years ago.

"It's been really funny," Perry says. "There's nothing to the video. It's got shitty lighting and Steve just hit record and that's that. I made it have a funky intro so you can select how many beers you feel like having." And chances are Steve could be more than your drinking buddy in the near future. "I've got tons of Steve stories," Perry says. "I just don't know what to do with them."