Your Loving Tiger tonight at the Hexagon


Your Loving Tiger's Luc Parker, photographed by ducky300.

It's been a long time since we've had the pleasure of typing Your loving Tiger into a blog headline. The band has spent months and months disbanded, mythically scattered about the diaspora, secretively collaborating over unknowable miles on recordings unknown.

Well, tonight at the Hexagon, the patently unclassifiable outfit makes a return, with an alarmingly strong bill before them. Daughters of the Sun and Moonstone make this a show not to be missed.

Daughters of the Sun performing "Whale Blood."

Let's face it-- "old timey" is a descriptor that would make anyone cringe, whether or not the shoe fits. But that ragtime association with Your Loving Tiger is not just profoundly small-thinking, but almost totally wrong-headed. Certainly, their music is informed by certain strains of Americana, and there is enough twang in the guitar and timbre in the harmony to give their music a sepia tone.

But the music is deliriously inventive. Time signatures lapse and resume like faltering heart beats. The instrumentation is purely schizophrenic. And the sum? The sum is songs of great harmony and great absurdity-- the stuff that can only be wrought by great talent.

Also on the bill are Daughters of the Sun, who should still be tight as a funeral drum after their recent tour, and Moonstone, easily the most jabbered about band of the summer. Not without good reason, either. Talkbox guitar, wheedling synth crescendos, and unerring four four time? Somewhere, George Clinton and Klaus Dinger are making out.

21+. Free. 9:00 P.M. Hexagon Bar, 2700 26th Avenue, Minneapolis.