Your Black Friday 2012 playlist

The Buckwheat Groats at home at the Mall.
The Buckwheat Groats at home at the Mall.
Ethan Blum

Today is Black Friday. While not the biggest shopping day of the year (that would be December 23rd, otherwise known as Christmas Eve-eve or my grandfather Harold Kangas' birthday) it's certainly the most celebrated. With sales beginning as early as 8 p.m. the night before, shoppers are going to need a heavy helping of caffeine, warm clothes and a galvanizing playlist to keep them fueled to go from door-buster to door-buster looking for the best holiday deals in town. We at Gimme Noise can help you with the latter, so brace yourselves bargain-hunters for our official 2012 Black Friday Playlist!

Ween - "It's Gonna Be a Long Night"2003

This opening track from Ween's celebrated Quebec album is easily the best Motorhead song that Motorhead never wrote. A fitting Lemmy tribute, "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" should be perfect to rev you up as the automatic doors open and the madness begins.

Ghostface Killah - "Ghostface X-mas"2008

Wu-Tang's most reliable MC, Ghostface Killah, leads a life of exotic adventures and exquisite taste. Of course, in perhaps one of his most humanizing moments, he gets just as frustrated as we do in order to find the perfect holiday deal. Remember: "Wu-Tang is for the children," so if you're not sure what to give the little ones this year, they're never too young for a copy of Ironman.

Buckwheat Groats - "(Take U 2 Da) Shopping Mall" 2010

While you may not be shopping with anyone whose names are as fun to say as "Lil Dinky AKA Def Janiels" or "Penis Bailey," that shouldn't deter you from adding this sensual shopping jam to your playlist "(Take U 2 Da) Shopping Mall" is the Buckwheat Groats' ode to the timeless joy of mackin' on the cuties at the mall. We at Gimme Noise aren't certain if Black Friday is an ideal night for singles to make a love connection, but if it is, this song would make for the ideal mood music.

Mike G - "BlaccFriday" 2010

The best-known song by Odd Future's best kept secret, Mike G's "BlaccFriday" is among the standout cuts from his 2010 album Ali, which had the unfortunate timing of dropping about a month prior to Earl Sweatshirt taking over the internet. This jam, which also features MellowHype and Tyler, the Creator, is a hidden gem in the group's catalog and the best Black Friday find since an empty parking space.

Rebecca Black - "Friday" 2011

Of course, no observation of any Friday is complete without Rebecca Black. Her Ark Music Factory produced "Friday" was not only a crowning achievement of the internet, but was such a monster hit that it became the center of department store Kohl's 2011 Black Friday advertising campaign. Once you decide which seat to take, it makes a perfect addition to any Black Friday festivities.

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