You probably forgot they were building this thing, right?

This looks familiar.

This looks familiar. Tushie Montgomery Architects; United Properties

If you’re anything like me (and who isn’t?) you probably haven’t thought much (or at all) about the new North Loop concert venue that was announced in June 2017 since… well, June 2017.

But the Star Tribune reports that the facility housing the 2,000-capacity space, which will be managed by concert leviathan Live Nation, is now under construction. The venue, part of a chain named after the legendary Fillmore clubs established in the ’60s by concert impresario Bill Graham, is due to open about a year from now. That’s pretty soon.

The Fillmore Theater will be part of an entertainment complex that includes an Element by Westin hotel, and the developer behind the whole shebang is United Properties. I know that totally sounds like a fake business name but it’s plenty real and owned by the Pohlads, whose baseball team plays conveniently near the planned complex.

United Properties is also developing the Upper Harbor Terminal project along the north Minneapolis riverfront, which the City Council greenlit last week and which will feature an amphitheater managed by Live Nation’s chief competitor, First Avenue.

Live Nation also manages the 960-person Varsity Theater, as well as promoting shows throughout the Twin Cities at venues including the 8,000-capacity Armory, but the Fillmore is its first direct challenge to First Ave's local predominance. The new venue’s capacity of 2,000 falls exactly between the Mainroom’s 1,500 and Palace Theatre’s 2,500.

This is all happening very fast, and that’s a little overwhelming. But as the photo above indicates, the entertainment complex will look incredibly familiar. You know what they say: The more things change, the more the new buildings look the same.

And yes, I was listening to this song while I wrote this: