You Do Not Cuss on A Prairie Home Companion

Not typically the source of hell-raisin', FCC-thwarting audio, Garrison Keillor's folksy radio program A Prairie Home Companion got in hot water for a word aired during this past weekend's taping.

Guest musician Robbie Fulks -- country songwriter, dog lover, "a casually amazing singer," according to NPR, and don't forget sinner -- was the culprit.

As reported by Star Tribune, Fulks performed "Where I Fell" off his 2013 album Gone Away Backward.

This was a fucking terrible idea, you see. "Where I Fell," an acoustic composition about existential decay, features the line "Game score, tea party, world war, I don't give a good goddamn." And amidst other news from Lake Wobegon, you do not cuss on A Prairie Home Companion.

Following Saturday's broadcast, Minnesota Public Radio issued an apology and something called a language advisory, and 670 radio stations shuddered as their listening audiences came to terms with what they just heard. By the time the show was rebroadcast on Sunday, all of the offensive blasphemy was bleeped out.

It appears that the tractor was up on two wheels, but didn't topple the whole show into the ditch. Still, this lapse in decency will not soon be forgotten.


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