You Can't Imagine How Much They Spent on Booze

class=img_thumbleft> Last Thursday's


listening party at the

Kitty Cat Klub

was novel, if not unprecedented, for being an invite-only event focused on a local group. Partaking of the open bar, members of the




hip-hop collectives mingled with a broad cross-section of local industry and media. "This album is going to be huge," said

Ross Raihala

of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, as

You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

(due October 4) played over the speakers. (This is the studio album, not the promised live one.) The real news came during a Q&A with rapper Slug and mustachioed producer


. Ant, who has never toured with Atmosphere before, will

hit the road

this fall as

DJ for the group

, doing half a set with Slug before the MC's live backing band comes out. "I'm going to buy a house, motherfucker," said Ant. "He could get fired after a week," said Slug.

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