You can work at Prince's Paisley Park

Mourners gathered outside Paisley Park following Prince's death on April 21 (Photo: Carlos Gonzalez)

Mourners gathered outside Paisley Park following Prince's death on April 21 (Photo: Carlos Gonzalez) Star Tribune

We've heard of "Jack U Off" ... but job you up?! 

That's the case at Paisley Park, the venue/recording studio/living space owned by late Minnesota-born superstar Prince.  Currently under the control of Bremer Bank and Prince's family, Paisley is set to reopen Oct. 6 for daily tours, and operator Graceland Holdings, which runs things at Elvis' famed property in Memphis, Tennessee, just announced a job fair to staff its latest celeb shrine/tourist attraction.

Among the available gigs at the Purple One's former estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota: 

  • Catalogue Associate
  • Merchandise Associate
  • Tour Associate
  • Security Guards
  • ... Ecology Associate? The fuck's that all about? Wikipedia tells us ecology is "the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment" ... so that much we know. 

If your dream job fits neatly into any of those categories, or you just love the bejesus outta our man Prince, the job fair will go down 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Thu.-Fri. at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. Experience in tourism/hospitality -- plus knowledge and understanding of Prince's legacy -- are preferred but not required, according to a statement released Tuesday by Paisley officials. 

You can find applications here; applicants are asked to bring their completed applications to the job fair. Follow the email instructions if you can't attend. No word on pay. 

As for the Paisley tours, fans have two options to see the performance stage, recording studio, rehearsal rooms, and thousands of pieces of memorabilia at the 65,000-square-foot compound: $35.50 self-guided (70 minutes) and $100 guided (100 minutes). Tickets are on sale now.  

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