You can go as Purple Rock Legend for Halloween

Is that you, Purple Rock Legend?

Is that you, Purple Rock Legend?

This past April, we lost Purple Rock Legend.

We'll never forget the hits from his weather-themed 1984 album/movie or his mastery of the six-string instrument powered by electricity. And this Halloween, you can honor that legacy by dressing up in his trademark outfit. 

The pre-packaged costume version of that look -- available via for $59.99-$79.99 -- is unmistakable. Elsewhere, similar variations are billed as Adult Purple Rain Pop Costume and Totally Ghoul Purple Rain Adult Halloween Costume, but make no mistake: This is vintage Purple Rock Legend. 

Just read the product description, which even goes on to use the word "libidinous."

"Big bouffant hair. Like BIG. Telecaster guitars. Purifying yourself in mystical Minnesota lake waters. And did we mention the color purple? That's the stuff that rock legends are made of, and if you feeling like becoming one of the legends yourself, you can strut your stuff in a slightly over-the-top and extravagant way when you go in this Purple Rock Legend costume for men. A made-by-us exclusive, this is the look that's going to let you make the skies open up with purple precipitation."


Your $59.99-$79.99 gets you the overcoat, the shirt front, and the pants; suggested add-ons like Purple Rock Legend Wig ($14.99), Inflatable Guitar ($4.99), and, oddly, Studded Wristband ($9.99) are available. 

Would the Upper Midwest-born star who was so protective of his music and likeness approve of the cash-grab costumes? That's a question only Purple Rock Legend could answer.