Yoko Ono's massive birthday jamboree

Over the weekend Yoko Ono threw a seriously must-attend preparation celebration of her late husband's 70th birthday (and her first show ever in Los Angeles). In tow were: Lady Gaga, Iggy Pop, RZA, Perry Farrell, her son Sean Lennon, Thurston Moore, and...much more. Of course there were myriad Flip cams and cell phones in the audience. We all get a peace of the pie.

Talking to Billboard about Lennon's 70th and the conjoined "Gimme Some Truth" campaign and reissue bonanza - for which she presided over the repackaging and remastering of 121 of Lennon's solo songs - Ono said: "As you can imagine, this 70th birthday thing is really big. It was planned by Capitol and EMI initially, but when they told me this big plan, it's a kind of thing they've never done before, or I don't think that any record company has done, just presenting the ultimate John Lennon as a Renaissance man, in a way. It's not just music; it's some collages and things that have never been out there. I was really impressed that they were going to gamble with something like that, so I wanted to drop everything and join them."

It seems the event was nothing less than a complete success and respectful bow to the memory of Lennon and Ono's continually fascinating curatorial and artistic instincts. On the actual day of Lennon's birth (Saturday), Dangerous Minds points out that Ono's lovely light sculpture in Iceland will be relit, too. It just all seems so appropriate.

For more visual stimulation of the event, Pitchfork has a very nice photo gallery.

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