Y.N. Rich Kids debut new videos, "My Bike" and "Khaki Pants"

Y.N. Rich Kids debut new videos, "My Bike" and "Khaki Pants"

It's been a long, slow march into springtime here in Minnesota, but all of a sudden it already feels like summer. Why's that, you ask? Because the Y.N. Rich Kids, last year's adolescent hip-hop phenoms behind viral hit "Hot Cheetos & Takis," are back with a long-awaited follow-up, called "My Bike." It's a star-studded slow jam that tours Minneapolis landmarks like Target Field, First Ave, and the Mall of America, with cameos by Brother Ali, Mod Sun, Prof, and -- well, we'll let you see who else you can spot.

To sweeten the deal, the Rich Kids have dropped not one, but two new videos, the second of which is actually from a concurrent group called the NSJ Crew, which features many of the same members. That song, "Khaki Pants," is a real banger. Check both out below the break.

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Given how popular of a debut "Hot Cheetos" was, it's perhaps logical that "My Bike" -- a song about, what else, riding bicycles -- showcases the group moving in a slightly different direction. It's slow with a menacing, Eastern flair (thanks largely to the recorder and plunked string samples), but it also follows much the same format as before, with different MCs picking up each verse. Many of the same players from "Hot Cheetos" are back, including Dame Jones, Lady J, and Ben 10 (who wears at least three different Angry Birds shirts during the vid), plus newcomer Lauren, who takes the final verse.

"Khaki Pants," meanwhile, is a boys-only number, but it carries an important message with it: how to still look fly when you're stuck wearing a school uniform. The answer, of course, is the "khaki dance," which means an infectious hook and some mean dance moves. It may come the closest to matching the energy of "Hot Cheetos," but we're not picking favorites here; in a situation like this, everyone's a winner.

Here's "My Bike," the new Y.N. Rich Kids song:

And here's "Khaki Pants," the debut from the NSJ Crew (so named for the Nellie Stone Johnson YMCA):

Both songs are available for free download at the crew's bandcamp page. And lots more info is available at the Beats & Rhymes site, which details the program that helped develop these talented kids.

Y.N. RICH KIDS play at Epic on Saturday, May 11, with Mindless Behavior and Sckool Boyz. All ages. $30/$40 at the door. 2 p.m. 110 5th St. N., Minneapolis; 612.332.3742.

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