Yeti Records, in pictures


After seeing the quietly mighty Shahs at Jake and Lisa Luck's new record store on Saturday evening, we returned Sunday to take some pictures of their charming nook.

[jump] It seems that Jake and Lisa picked the right corner. Last week this paper reported more details on the forthcoming closure and relaunching of Yeti's neighbor, Casey's Bar. The space was bought by successful restaurateurs Kim & Kari Bartmann, owners of Barbette, Red Stag, and the Bryant-Lake Bowl. The sale is a bit of a double-edged sword, considering Casey's reasonable beer prices and fascinating patronage against the Bartmann's knack for creating rustic-ish, north-of-mid-priced restaurants which attract a decidedly more cosmo crowd. Regardless, Yeti will now sit comfortably between B-Squad's lovely corner digs and the new Pat's Tap, creating an odd corner of varying bohemia.