Yeti Records hosting mixtape exchange, 'Yetifest'

Yeti Records has been the hub of much music loving activity lately. Beside their daily duties of selling really cool, sometimes obscure but always reasonably price used vinyl, art, and vintage stereo components, the newest record store in the Twin Cities have launched a "mix-tape exchange." The swap gives people a reason to dig out or procure a tape deck, as the project has resurrected the lost artform of mix-tape making.

By the looks of their blog, which documents the participants' entries in the project, there is a variety of music and mix-tape presentation going on. It all seems to be a fun and easy way to trade music in a physical form that's personal and random -- which is what record stores are really all about.

If that weren't enough Yeti Records will be hosting "Yetifest" tomorrow night. As part of the ongoing "The Somethin' Else" series, the store will be opening up it's doors for the "musical potluck" of electronic artists and food for all ages. Starting early in the evening this edition of the series looks to bring some of the electronic music scene's more ambient and mellow practitioners providing the aural wallpaper to Yeti Record's already colorful walls. Low cost and alcohol free it's a great way to take out the little ones to see some music early on a weekend night before turning in early or heading out to another evening event.

On the bill is Grant Cutler, who aside from his more singer/songwriter group, the Gorgeous Lords, will be performing under the nom de plume of his ambient electronic project, 2012. Recently Grant and the kids at Radio K's "Off the Record" put together this wonderful video of Grant's recent performance on the show that we can't get enough of:

Slow and meditative the piece evokes some progressive elements in drone construction that has had more a place in the Twin Cities music scene as of late and that definitely warms the ears and soul through these chilly months.

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Yeti Records hosting mixtape exchange, 'Yetifest'

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