Yes, Your Majesties!

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Yo Majesty Kill It at the Entry, September 20, 2007 Review by Amber Schadewald

Better Than: Jock Jams at middle school dances.

Glowing like Christmas trees, the hardcore lady rappers of Yo Majesty traded the usual bling 'round their necks for blinking holiday lights and took the stage with fierce confidence. A long drive from their zip code, Tampa residents Jwl B. and Shunda managed to look at home and fresh, sporting their boy shorts with a peeks of flannel boxers poking out the back.

The set was fast, loud and way hot. Shunda asked the crowd "Is Yo Majesty getting you all hot?" The answer was definitely yes. The combination of Shunda's slick spits, Jwl B.'s barks and their bass busting beats was perfectly intense. The crowd was small and quiet at first, but by the end, even the creepy man in the corner experimented with a few shoulder rolls. One guy who looked like he was wearing PJs seemed to dance harder than anyone in the room.

The set was filled with audience participation opportunities, but for the most part people pumped fists and shouted back obscenities when prompted. When Jwl B. asked you to clap, you clapped- mostly in fear that if you didn't obey she'd leap into the crowd and force the sound out of you. A feisty mix between James Brown and Lil' John, Jwl B.'s soulful screams are a hearing aid company's dream come true.

Mid-show, Shunda asked who in the audience owned a leather jacket. After a few people raised hands, the duo abruptly jumped into their song about the clothing article, singing, "You think you're all that in your leather have no money in your leather pocket." She even pointed to a girl and told her, "You're a loser in you leather jacket."

Fortunately everyone was in good spirits. No feelings were hurt.

In their hour performance, the ladies of Yo Majesty never held back, continually slicing through their beats with variations of their own voices. These women fed every inch of air to the mic, and yet Jwl B found a minute to shake her baby maker to a song with the lyrics, "I want you rubbin' on my monkey." Crowd favorites included the obvious "Kryptonite Pussy" and "Club Action," but their newer and more electronic tracks were far from disappointing. Their EP is expected this November.

Personal Bias: I swear Shunda winked at me- you can ask my friend.

Random Detail: These crazy ladies often take off their shirts during shows.

By the Way: Before leaving stage, Shunda gave a shout out to Jesus and left the audience with a variety of positive thoughts to live by.