Year in Music 2015: The 32 best quotes

P.O.S praised animal metaphors ahead of Doomtree Zoo

P.O.S praised animal metaphors ahead of Doomtree Zoo

The best music quotes — from interviews and concerts — acquired by City Pages in 2015

"This acoustic shit is a lot of work." — Billy Idol at his 30-minute, $25-a-ticket Jan. 19 concert at Turf Club as part of 89.3 the Current's anniversary

"I don't think that there is any meaning in the universe; I don't think that love exists out there. I think that these are all human creations. Our mandate is to create meaning." — Father John Misty ahead of his show at First Avenue in February 

"There is nothing [in my book] that is going to produce sexual arousal in anyone, I don't believe — unless you're really turned on by good prose." — Robert "Dean of American Rock Critics" Christgau on his memoir, Going Into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man

"We were a good band. We opened for Jimi and Janis and CCR ... I'm told we opened for Janis more than once, but I can't remember." — Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks at Xcel Energy Center in January

"One reason to love Minneapolis is because David Carr is from here. I had the most amazing conversations with that man." — Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein at First Avenue in February, reflecting on the famed Minnesota-born journalist who died that same week

"Just 'Tip.' The nine I's are silent." — DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip on pronouncing his name

"I bet there will be a lot of Minnesota country girls sitting on dudes' shoulders having a good time. That's my favorite thing to see." — Bro-country icons Florida Georgia Line ahead of their June bro-down at TCF Bank Stadium

"We felt like we could actually sound like a kick in the teeth." — Local punks the Bombshells on their debut album, Bake Sale Hotties

"Yo, we got a major army over here that's not going anywhere anytime soon — you're gonna have to let us in." — Rapper K-Jay on the Twin Cities' Christian hip-hop movement

"It's totally a circus. Punk rock, rappers, and teenage angst, oh my!" — Local kiddie-rap act Koo Koo Kanga Roo on its summer with the Vans Warped Tour

"You're a masturbater / I'm an alligator." — Rapper King Koopa, who we met at a freestyle rap battle in ... Mankato.

"[The Minneapolis Police Department] don't want to see anybody rapping. They don't want to see anybody talking about the street life in the state of Minnesota." — Zone, the creator of hip-hop YouTube channel MinnesotaColdTV

"Didn't do much of the online thing. And now, well, I'm a married man, so sexting with my wife is super fly." — Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath upon being asked about which type of chat is "more fly": chat rooms or sexting

"Why is it when people think of R&B, they categorize it or stereotype it as being overly sexual and always about love — what genre isn't?!" — Sensual powerhouse singer Miguel on being pigeonholed by critics

"Musicians don't retire. They die, and I'm not ready to die." — Joe Hayden, leader of Nye's Polonaise Room house band, the World's Most Dangerous Polka Band, on the closing of Nye's

"One of the lines was like, 'This is not female privilege, this is survival of the prettiest.' We like to say that we're a juxtaposition of really tough and angry and light and pretty." — Local teen punks Bruise Violet

"When you don't know of any rules, it's hard to know you're breaking them. When you're just yourself so hard, and people accept it, not knowing that it's taboo, you're just going to keep going with it." — Rapper Lizzo on the ethos of her crew, GRRRL PRTY

"Misogyny in music isn't necessarily some creepy industry guy trying to pressure me into hooking up with him on the implication that it would benefit my career (though, yes, that has happened to me). It's being made to feel overlooked, unimportant, and unqualified." — Clair de Lune on being a woman in the music industry

"Yeah, [Sex World] was very impressive. Just the size of it, it was one of the largest adult bookstores that I'd ever seen" — Hard-partying rocker Andrew W.K. on his Minneapolis memories

"Abso-fucking-lutely, brother. That was the hardest part! I've kicked heroin many times. That was easy to me. But [then there's] the psychological factor of, 'Holy shit, I won't be able to write a song.'" — FIDLAR frontman Zac Carper on his fears after getting sober

"I couldn't be happier that Bully has found an audience. But, popularity and recent success aside, I would still have bet my house on Alicia to do something outstanding." — Producer Steve Albini on his former Minnesota-born studio intern Alicia Bognanno, the force behind rock band Bully

"It will have to remain a mystery." — Lauren Mayberry, the leader of electropop superstars Chrvches, on her height

"We lost a trailblazer who reminded us all that no one is alone in their suffering. We lost an artist, poet, philosopher, teacher, student, friend, shaman, and the list goes on. He was a live wire, a true testament of human potential." — Kristoff Krane on fellow rapper/friend Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen, who died five years ago

"Places like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone have always kind of had a vendetta against me, I think, just because the style of music is so popular." — Minnesota pop megastar Owl City on music critics

"If you wanna get high, weed is tight. Do some acid or something, do something [to] expand your mind and get a good experience. Xanax is just like heroin." — Twin Cities' buzzy rapper Finding Novyon on drugs

"I've written a fair amount of songs about being drunk in Minneapolis. You get sort of crossed into this place where you're like, 'Are you becoming a self-parody?'" — Craig Finn on switching up his lyrical approach

"With animal metaphors you can sum up feeling, actions, and motives in just one word. You can stretch that for days in the right context." — P.O.S addressing the theme of his crew's October Doomtree Zoo blowout at CHS Field

"[Our music] can seem abstract and very out there, but I think the world is abstract and out there and weird as fuck." — Kill the Vultures MC Alexei Moon Casselle

"So many new friends! I now only care what you think about me." — Taylor Swift to her fans at Xcel Energy Center in September

"That's why punk is so important to me, because there's sort of this in-your-face, 'This is who I am, fuck your standards [feel to it].'" — Trans frontwoman Natalie Grace McKay of local hardcore outfit Naïve Sense

"I'm not saying religion is wrong, but I keep waiting on Houdini to come back. I'll be the first one in line to shake Jesus' hand, but I ain't seen either one of those guys yet." — Actor/musician Jeff Daniels on religion

"I mean, it'd be nice to have a few vaginas onstage." — Psalm One — the only female rapper in the 20-year history of Rhymesayers — on the label's lack of women at its 20th anniversary concert.