Year in Music 2014: The Jeremy Messersmith Index

Number of fauna in this photo: 4

Number of fauna in this photo: 4

The year that was 2014 will be remembered for the winter that almost killed us and the music that brought us back to life. Among the most restorative albums of the past 12 months was Jeremy Messersmith's sensitive rock opus, Heart Murmurs.

The Minneapolis-based artist is fond of numbers, and inspired by the Index found in each issue of Harper's magazine, we decided to let them do the talking to sum up the biggest year of his career.

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Amount of time from Glassnote Records deal to release of Heart Murmurs, in days: 334

Percentage of songs considered that didn't make the cut: 45

Number of pairs of eyeglasses owned: 7

Of plays "Ghost" received on 89.3 the Current in 2014: 236

Percentage of recorded work still available for free: 80

Amount of time spent wearing facial hair in 2014, in days: 21

Amount of spiced nuts prepared for Supper Club shows, in pounds: 12

Ratio of nods to frowns while reading Pomplamoose's article about touring expenses: 3:2

Number of conspiracy theories floating in head at any given time: 666

Of items requested on tour rider: 0

Average number of tweets written, then deleted in a given day: 5

Estimated percentage of tour dates spent playing music: 10

Spent hauling gear: 90

Number of songs considered before choosing Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" for Rock the Garden: 9

Approximate number of people at Rock the Garden's first day: 10,000

Of people at his show in Paris: 7

Capacity of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, in people: 400

Estimated viewing audience of Late Show With David Letterman: 2,162,000

Amount spent on Pirate Bay T-shirt, in dollars: 24

Highest number of wild mushrooms garnered in a forage: 73

Amount of time without eating meat, in years: 6

Number of "Hot Messersmith" Glam Doll Donuts consumed: 3

Maximum amount worth paying for a good cup of kombucha, in dollars: 6

For a good bottle of whiskey: 90

Length of recording session at the Pearl and the Terrarium for two new Christmas songs, in hours: 9

Running time of "Let's Ditch Christmas" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," in minutes: 6

Estimated number of times these two songs will be played this year: 42

Amount of time spent gaming in 2014, in hours: 624

Number of listens to Sturgill Simpson's Metamodern Sounds in Country Music: 24

Of viewings of the Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens trailer: 28

Ranking of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back compared to all other Star Wars films: 1

Number of words written during National Novel Writing Month: 17,410

Of daily attempts to rethink the whole way of living: 330

Of deities believed in: 0

Unless you count Mark Hamill's beard as a deity: 1

Figures cited are the latest available as of December 2014. Source is mostly Jeremy Messersmith. "Messersmith's Index" is not a registered trademark, but should be.

JEREMY MESSERSMITH will perform with Gramma's Boyfriend on Wednesday, December 17, at Turf Club; and with the Cloak Ox on Friday, December 19 at First Avenue.


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