Year In Music 2008: Even more lists

Year In Music 2008: Even more lists

Little Man, opening for Ike Reilly on Thanksgiving Eve. Photo by Alexa Jones.

I've never been particularly fond of year-end lists. (I know, I know, what kind of musichead am I?) There's just something so dumbed-down about the process of making a list, as if a year's worth of art and music can be distilled into a set of easy-to-read, plainly numbered lists that lack any real explanation or analysis. It's something I tend to complain about each year as the list-making season rolls around, but given the status of our blog-fueled musical discourse these days I always end up folding under the peer pressure and making my own lists anyway.

In this coming Friday's issue of the Star Tribune, Chris Reimenshneider will post his annual Twin Cities Critics Tally poll, in which a slew of local writers and DJs select their favorite local albums of the year. David de Young of has already posted

his ballot here

, so I thought I might do the same.

Take a moment to leave your own local favorites in the comments, along with an answer to this question: Are these year-end lists really important, and do you rely on year-end lists to discover new music?

(Disclaimer, as if the preceding paragraphs weren't enough of a disclaimer: these are my personally favorite albums of the year. Gimme Noise music blogger David Hansen likely has his own set of picks, which I will prod him to post separately.)

Best Albums of 2008

Solid Gold, Bodies of Water
Haley Bonar, Big Star
City on the Make, 1,000,000
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, Orange Peels and Rattlesnakes
Kristoff Krane, This Will Work For Now
Heiruspecs, Heiruspecs
The Wars of 1812, Status Quo Antebellum
Adam Svec, Enemy Swimmer
Jeremy Messersmith, The Silver City
The Absent Arch, Keep Calm and Carry On

Best songs of 2008

"Stars," Kid Dakota
"Game Over," Doomtree
"Chicks on Bikes," City on the Make
"River," Haley Bonar (by Joni Mitchell)
"Somewhere Under the Rainbow," Adam Svec

Best live acts of 2008

Little Man
Solid Gold
Kitten Forever
City on the Make

#1 sign the music scene is alive and well:

There are almost as many local music blogs as there are local bands popping up these days, which is great. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is thinking locally.

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