Yeah Yeah Yeahs replacing Beastie Boys at Lollapalooza


Take heed--three piece bands from New York are NOT created equal.

By now, most of you should know that MCA announced his cancer diagnosis a few days ago. Don't worry--it's treatable, won't fuck with his voice, and only means a push back for their nationwide tour and album release date.

It also means that the Beasties have had to step out of their Lollapalooza spot so MCA can get surgery on his cancerous nub. And yesterday it was announced that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would be taking their place.

Well, we suppose Lollapalooza could have done worse. But to swap out one NYC three-piece for another? This feels suspiciously like swapping out your kid's pet turtle after forgetting to feed it while he was away at camp. Maybe YYY's travel expenses were the same, and they didn't have to change the stage plot? Who knows.

We like the YYYs fine. But no one can deny that this is a vastly weaker bill without the Beasties on the poster. And we can't help but feel bad for the  YYYs. The Beasties' slot on a bill is a decidedly inhospitable place to be filling in. Good luck to them, but let's not be too surprised if "Maps" gets drowned out by 20,000 people chanting "Brass Monkey."