'Yeah, we got fucked': $30-$40K of gear stolen from Minneapolis rapper Prof's tour van

Prof at South by Southwest in 2012 [Photo: Tony Nelson]

Prof at South by Southwest in 2012 [Photo: Tony Nelson]

It's been a shitty couple months for Minneapolis rappers and their vans. 

In November, an estimated $19,000 worth of gear was stolen from Sims' van in Brooklyn. And now Prof -- whose current Time Bomb tour features fellow locals Finding Novyon, Metasota, and Willie Wonka -- says he fell victim to a similar crime in Santa Cruz, California.

Prof emailed this account of Monday's incident to City Pages: 

"We just pulled up to Santa Cruz and went directly to the pier to catch the sunset. We hadn't unloaded at a hotel, so the van had 100 percent of the whole tour inside. I bought ice cream and looked at seals while my van was being broke into. Police said the cameras in the area had broke down two hours prior to the robbery. We lost everything.

Two of us even lost their personal luggage bags with all of their clothing. Gear, microphones, in-ear monitors, DJ equipment, passports, jewelry, cameras, hard drives filled with life's work, etc. Very personal priceless things as well.

Yeah, we got fucked."

Here's video of a clearly shaken Prof describing the aftermath.

In total, he estimates $30,000-$40,000 worth of gear and belongings was stolen. A GoFundMe campaign to recoup those launched Tuesday with a goal of $16,500. Prof urges fans to send tips about sketchy Craiglist ads or any other relevant information to [email protected] 

The setback won't change tour plans, as Prof notes on Facebook: "THIS WILL NOT STOP THE TOUR. THE TIME BOMB TOUR IS UNSTOPPABLE, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

Prof & Co. will return to Minnesota on February 25 to play Clyde Iron Works in Duluth.