Y'all love Biebs, and other Spotify most-played in 2015 revelations

Biebs is sorry he's not sorry that you secretly love him.

Biebs is sorry he's not sorry that you secretly love him.

According to the City Pages calendar staff, there are 28 days remaining in December. But that hasn't stopped the tidal wave of year-end music lists, the annual critical chest thump that rattles on through the new year. 

For the empirical and egalitarian crowds, however, Spotify's just-dropped summation of 2015 music-streaming plays might prove more interesting. First, the obvious caveat: These figures only reflect the behavior of Spotify users, so your vinyl spins of Metal Machine Music will have to go undocumented for another year. 

Without further ado, here are the top songs and artists of 2015, as realized through Spotify: 

  • Most-streamed artist: Drake (1.8 billion streams)

  • Most-streamed female artist: Rihanna (more than 1 billion streams)

  • Most streams in a single day: Justin Bieber (36 million streams on Nov. 13) 

  • Most-streamed song of 2015: "Lean On (ft. MØ and DJ Snake)" by Major Lazer (450 million streams)

  • Most-streamed album of 2015: Beauty Behind The Madness by The Weeknd (60 million listeners) 

  • Most-streamed artist of all time: Ed Sheeran (more than 3 billion streams)
Here are the Top 5 global artists:

  1. Drake

  2. Ed Sheeran

  3. The Weeknd

  4. Maroon 5

  5. Kanye West
And the Top 5 global albums: 

  1. Beauty Behind The Madness – The Weeknd

  2. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – Drake

  3. Peace Is The Mission – Major Lazer

  4. Stories – Avicii

  5. Title – Meghan Trainor
Any argument that contends rock is dead and/or alive is a tired one by default, but one of the most glaring takeaways from Spotify's 2015 number-crunching has to be the absence guitar-based rock 'n' roll (that, and the lack of women). The greatest departure from the dance floor is the saltine soul-pop of Maroon 5, who, to their credit, do own and occasionally play electric guitars. 

That's to take nothing away from Rihanna, a true Top 40 badass, and Drake, that emotionally complex, lovelorn superstar (who City Pages recently argued could find romantic fulfillment with another Canadian). Speaking of Candians, I think we've all learned to love Biebs, whether or not his comeback/reformation narrative is for real — the new tracks just bump! Love you Biebs! 

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