Yacht Rock to tour in Minneapolis

Maybe you're one of the 500,000-plus people who has downloaded the hilarious smooth-music spoof "Yacht Rock." Maybe you were overjoyed when a new episode appeared a year after the series effectively ended. Perhaps you long for 1976-1984, when Christopher Cross could sing about the joys of sailing devoid of irony or angst.

Or maybe you just like to laugh your ass off. Either way, Yacht Rock is going on tour, and you shouldn't miss it.

And now comes the 'Yacht Rock' "tour," in which the episodes will be screened on selected dates before a live audience in New York, Minneapolis, Detroit and Muskegon, Michigan. Ryznar and the cast are scheduled to make appearances at the screenings. "We're up and around walking and hanging with everybody, and they can ask us all the questions they want in person," Ryznar says.

Just being mentioned in the same breath as Muskegon, Michigan is flattering enough. But the June 7 event at the Bryant Lake Bowl will afford you the opportunity to learn the real stories behind Loggins and Messina, see the darkness in the soul of John Oates, and peep the chilling origins behind the theme to "Footloose."

Scope the videos in advance on MySpace, or just show up and enjoy a cocktail while watching. A smooth cocktail.

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