Worst. Joke. Ever.

class=img_thumbleft> Starting this week, Culture to Go will run an online contest and weekly department where we'll post what we think is the new worst joke ever told. Here's the catch: These jokes must be new and original. That means only jokes made up by a CP staffer or you, the readers (who can post your new and wholly original joke in the comments thread), are eligible to become America's Next Worst Joke Ever. If you have the new Worst Joke Ever, your joke, along with the runners-up, will be posted the following week.

Keep it clean. We're talking about worst joke ever here, so it's perfectly acceptable to regress back to those pre-junior-high years where doing Mad Libs and making up jokes about Michael Jackson was the original blogging. (Note: we said "original" jokes, so Michael Jackson is probably off limits unless you come up with a real stinker.) Remember: These must be ORIGINAL jokes made up by YOU.

Here's the winner of this week's Worst Joke Ever (made up by a reader) to get you started:

Q: What did Vinnie Barbarino say to the 25-cent piece?

A: Hey, Mr. Quarterrr.

Can you do worse than that?