World's Most Dangerous Polka Band Staying at Nye's Until It Closes

A Mississippi-width emotional outpour has followed the announcement that Nye's Polonaise Room will close next year. For 40 years, the Nordeast bar, lounge, restaurant, and twisted karaoke establishment has been host to the unsung heroes of the Twin Cities music scene: Ruth Adams and the World's Most Dangerous Polka Band.

Polka at Nye's is one of the most liberating activities ever concocted. It's a spectacle from the opening notes. There's something in that accordion that -- when mixed with a libation or twelve -- brings out the courage of a thousand. Proving that they will not crumble in the face of adversity, the band confirm they will play on until Nye's shuts its doors for good.

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Before and after Adams died in 2011, the band was the subject of numerous films, honors, and general adoration. After that, her trumpet-playing bandmate Joe Hayden took the lead, and has kept the band muscling through each weekend.

As City Pages said a few years back, "What happens at Nye's stays at Nye's." Every night has its potential to become the night, so we keep bringing our out-of-town guests there too.

The WMDPB's Facebook page proclaims:

I am sure by now most of you have heard that Nyes will be closing next Aug or Sep. The band will be there until the last date. After the closing we hope to go on the a new home. We will start the search for an appropriate place shortly. Please know that until they lock the doors we remain loyal to Nyes and to Rob and Tony Jacob.

Two things: Congratulations to the lucky establishment that eventually becomes the new home to the World's Most Dangerous Polka Band -- and see you at the bar this weekend at Nye's.


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