Women tonight at the Triple Rock


Women, in name only.

Scoring a band name this elemental and grabby is something like lucking out on a cheap studio in the East Village. It's one in a million, but still possible. Just ask Women.

Critics nationwide are reaching for their vinyl crates when it comes to comparisons to the Calgary four piece, and the easy grabs are Velvet Underground and  Beach Boys. They're easy associations to draw, and even a quick listen to their Myspace material gives hints to an AM age of car radios and single speaker phonographs.

Women performing live in Calgary in January of 2009.

But noise music, that dark bird of the music world, seems to find its way into every genre these days, and as often as Women pound strict four-four and spin chilly vocal harmonies on a robust musical loom, they also construct noisescapes that moan and drone long after a retroactive pop band would have switched off the pedal distortion.

Their stock is on an upswing, so buy in now. Their 2008 single "Black Rice" made it into Pitchfork's top 20 songs of 2008, and the band has returned home after a successful tour of Europe. With their genre soaking its way into the print pages of Rolling Stone, and stars like Animal Collective taking all their friends skyward, chances to see bands like Women on a scalable stage may soon become a vanishing improbability.

18+. $10.00. With Bouncer Fighter and White Sand/Badlands. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis; 612.333.7399.