Wolf Eyes and Black Dice tonight at the Triple Rock


Black Dice at rest.

Ah, noise music-- that indomitable, outlaw cousin of the music community. A good dose of Ritalin in its teen years, and maybe it would have just turned out to be good, respectable rock music. Thanks goodness it was left unmedicated to run amok and confound the squares.

Tonight's line-up at the Triple Rock sees two noise bands of extraordinary national influence and appeal tag teaming the Triple Rock stage. Check your need for form and narrative at the door-- this music is for the left brain only.

Black Dice in studio with the BBC.

Just a touch of 101-- Wolf Eyes has spent the last decade and a half flooding boomboxes and ear canals with dozens and dozens of self-recorded cassette tape releases, and are among the very most visceral and biting bands still active in the genre ( and did we mention Andrew W. K. used to play with them?). An average Wolf Eyes song sounds like a corroded syrup of leaking batteries and guitars so daringly overamplified, they almost devour the blizzard of percussion, both digital and analog, that spasms behind them.

Black Dice are similarly storied and adored, but have always seemed to approach their craft a bit more gently, their soundscapes ringing with a little more electronic dynamism. Their compositions are equally at home with silence, melody and texture as they are with challenging the ear in a full frontal assault.

In any case, tonight's Triple Rock bill sees two bands that helped compose a modern genre, architects of sound and composition that many still don't fully understand. Whether you're a lifelong noiser still mooning over his Smegma cassettes or an uninitiate who's curious to know who, or what, is making all that racket, tonight's Triple Rock show won't fail to impress.

18+. 9:00 P.M. $15.00. With Adidas. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis; 612.333.7399.