Wiz Khalifa, Vince Staples to headline Go 95.3's first-ever 'BFGS' outdoor rap party

Mr. Khalifa back in 2012, way before dreams of Big "Fancy" Go Show

Mr. Khalifa back in 2012, way before dreams of Big "Fancy" Go Show Associated Press

The Pohlad-owned Go radio empire is going hard into live music. 

Last month, alt-rock/Twins station Go 96.3 announced Lena Dunham's boyfriend -- pop-rock wizard Jack Antonoff, aka Bleachers -- will headline its annual Go Fest. And late Friday, newish/rap-centric sister frequency Go 95.3 unveiled its own mini-fest: the "BFGS" outdoor rap party. 

FAQ time! 

-- What does "BFGS" stand for? 

Tough to say! The top brass at Go Media wouldn't specify if it's "Big Fucking Go Show" or the winking "Big 'Fancy' Go Show" version that appears on the press release. 

-- Who's playing this fucking thing? 

Easy to say! Weed-enjoying rap star Wiz Khalifa ("Black and Yellow," "See You Again") is headlining. Joining him will be rising Long Beach rapper Vince Staples, plus buzzing locals Bobby Raps, Finding Novyon, and Mac Irv. An additional artist will be named later.

-- Sounds fun! But tell me, sir: When and where is this show going down? 

OK, OK, we'll spill: On July 30 at the intersection First Avenue N. and 4th Street S. in Minneapolis, just outside the Fine Line.

-- I'm tempted. But let's talk dollars and cents. 

Let's. All-ages advance tickets are $45.95; VIP passes run $95, and include early entry, a T-shirt, and access to a McDonald's-sponsored lounge that features food (we imagine McDonald's food) and beer.

-- Very good! I feel prepared. Now, is there archival related content for me to consume? 

Bet your ass there is. Read our print feature on Go 95.3 -- Can rap/hip-hop radio survive in the Twin Cities? -- here.