With a Gun For a Face unveils tortured "Parade of Horribles" video

With a Gun For a Face unveils tortured "Parade of Horribles" video

There's medical malpractice in the air as With a Gun for a Face unleashes a new music video ahead of the band's album release show at the Kitty Cat Klub this weekend.

The Minneapolis glam-punk foursome are releasing a new full-length titled Corporate Callosum, a statement about the inextricable link between the mega-companies and everyone else. The guys discussed more of the album's themes with Erik Thompson in this week's print feature. They also discuss this somewhat gory video filled with creepy doctors and a band that starts looking a bit worse for wear. The clip was directed by Jason Schumacher.

"His concept was to have a group of scientists experimenting on the band in a corporate laboratory in an attempt to 'improve' us as we play," bassist Brandon "B-man" Dvorak explains. "But then things go horribly wrong."

With a Gun for a Face deliver more glam-core punk

With a Gun for a Face. With Hardcore Crayons, the Funeral and the Twilight, and All the Way Rider. 9 p.m. Friday, March 30 at Kitty Cat Klub. RSVP here.

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