Wiping Out Thousands revive David Bowie's "Let's Dance" live

Wiping Out Thousands' considerable prowess has exploded in a whirl of color, synthesizers, and menacing beats over the past couple months. Just in case there was any doubt of this local electro outfit's legitimacy in a live setting, here's a recording from last weekend's gig at Hell's Kitchen, which we tipped in conjunction with the release of their "Mass Nerve" video.

Yes, David Bowie's already deadly "Let's Dance" gets diced up into even more subversive shapes in this live offing, and the WOT crew thought it fitting to provide a recording of the performance via its SoundCloud page.

In it, Taylor Nelson and vocalist Alaine Dickman construct and deconstruct this track as if it were intended for Debbie Harry to sing, and up its four-on-the-floor power to, uh, make it better to dance to. There's definitely some crowd noise and other sonic imperfections that might distract the fine-tuned ear, but this is a testament to why Wiping Out Thousands is St. Paul's finest new talent for the parties of the future.

Locals have another shot to check out the WOT experience this weekend at a free show at Macalester College that's open to the public. Hit up Dupre 10K (near the intersection of W Summit and Snelling Avenues) in St. Paul at 9 p.m. on Saturday. With Olsen Twins, Yohuna, and Truman Peyote. RSVP here.

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