Winter walks, identity four square, and mutant disco in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Mac Irv

Mac Irv YouTube

Do we need another goddamn venue?

This was the question I asked myself when plans to reopen Uptown’s Suburban World Theater as an event space came to light last week. This news follows a wave of venues like the Armory , Underground Music Cafe , the Pourhouse , Mortimer’s , and Pa lace Theat r e opening their doors. All this in addition to those movable stages that sprout up whenever the temperature surpasses 70 degrees.

That may seem like a lot of venues, but when you have a critical mass of musicians, and each of those musicians plays in two to three bands, you need a lot of locations for them to play. And more venues may mean that crappy spaces like the Fine Line , the Myth, and Roy Wilkins will be forced to step up their game or step aside.

Mac Irv – “Maintain”

Fresh off his tour with Prof, North Minneapolis rapper Mac Irv is sporting a new, no-fucks-given attitude. His new song “Maintain” is sleek and edgy, more in line wiht the industry standard for rappers of his caliber. Madreal provides the beat and Irv does the rest, piling bars and punchlines. Cereal Films directs the now-international rap star as he fools around in the alleys of the city showing off his newfound confidence.

Moodie Black – “Black”

When Moodie Black dropped their new LP Lucas Acid, we spoke to MC K Death about their fractured identity . Though the album is their most accessible to date, there are still heavy themes of discontent and alienation. On “Black,” K breaks down their problems with representation in both the LGBTQ and African American communities. The video shows K projected across four realities, unable to reconcile their complicated identity with the way the world sees them.

Cole Tindal ft. Jacob Schuelke – “Long Distance” (PREMIERE)

St. Paul rapper/producer Cole Tindal has a lot to get off his chest. In the video for his self-produced new track “Long Distance,” Tindal takes to the snow-swept woods of Minnesota to unburden himself. Meanwhile, halfway across the country, his close friend and fellow rapper Jacob Schuelke takes advantage of an empty train to do the same. Tindal and Schuelke’s verses on “Long Distance” extol the strain and suffering of a cross-country relationship, but the video shows that some connections persist, unaffected by geography.

XOXO Tech – “Visionary”

Is XOXO Tech a band? It’s hard to say. The Italo-disco act is somewhere between a musical collective and one of those cults that worships the moon. Led by the Controversial New ‘Skinny Pill’ singer Mariel Oliveira and American Cream’s Joseph Carl Berns, XOXO Tech offer one of the oddest collections of sounds to come out of the Twin Cities. Their debut single “Visionary” is a freaky mutant fantasy. The Kissin Alley and Kaleb the Kid-produced video borders on the fringes of what the mind can comprehend, featuring some long-nailed feet going at it with bloody horniness. XOXO Tech take to the stage July 26 at Eagles 34.

Gunnaville – “Who Run It?”

North Minneapolis rapper Gunnaville just got out of jail earlier this year, and he’s making up for lost time with his new video for “Who Run It?” The song’s title is not a hypothetical question. The Millionaire Muzic Group representative rips through high-energy verse after high-energy verse, once again staking his claim to the spotlight. Morningside Films is behind the video, posing Gunnaville as the real threat he claims to be.

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