Win The Chemical Brothers: Don't Think movie tickets!

Cinephiles who appreciate a 110-137 BPM range take note: The Chemical Brothers: Don't Think concert film is in movie theaters for an exclusive one-night showing Wednesday, February 1. Popcorn-rockin' beats? You bet. And the best thing about this news locally is that Gimme Noise has a pair of tickets to the showing at Block E that you can win without really having to think much about it at all.

Regarding the film: Expect 105 minutes of frenetic propulsion filmed at 2011's running of the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. To hear it from director Adam Smith, this is not some concert movie: "If you told someone, 'We're going to have some clowns, some exploding teapots, some architectural plans, and some dancers in bolt hats,' they might question your sanity. But those elements capture the Chemical Brothers experience on a subsconcious level. Music is the script and the script is a journey through live emotions. Don't Think is what experiencing them feels like."

Ok, now to the winning tickets part. Make sure your calendar is clear for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 1, and that you can get yourself and a friend to Block E's AMC Theatre in Minneapolis. Then, hit up the Gimme Noise Facebook page, and leave us a comment  -- and we'll contact the random drawing winner with a Facebook message by 6 p.m. today.

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