Willie Nelson set to play rescheduled two-night stand at Mystic

Taking into account his social and political activism, extensive musical catalog, and long and storied life, Willie Nelson - if you ask me, the folks at High Times, and gay cowboys in particular - has got to be one of the coolest dudes to walk the planet. And his stage show is truly an experience, with his band, featuring his sister on grand piano, somehow keeping up with his signature off-the-wall cadence.

If you didn't grab up a ticket for his rescheduled two-night stand at Mystic Lake Casino this Friday and Saturday night (postponed from last March, and now sold out), you should do one of three things:


Ask the nearest chick in cowgirl boots to kick you in the ass; send a donation to Farm Aid in Willie's honor; or climb atop the nearest mansion housing a head of state, light a spliff and enjoy the view, as Willie allegedly did atop Jimmy Carter's White House. He claims not to remember that one so well.

In case you're not familiar with Willie's wilder side, here are 33 Things You Should Know about him, courtesy of the folks at Blender Magazine, who in 2001 did a fine job of creating a comprehensive compilation of his doings. One of my favorites, #31:

Due out soon is a rowdy album with Ray Price, the 79-year-old "Cherokee cowboy." The two didn't speak for years because Nelson shot one of Price's roosters after it pecked to death several of Nelson's best hens.

And, his gay cowboy song.