Will Vikings fans welcome Creed-loving QB Kirk Cousins with arms wide open?

Cousins, left, and '00s-era Creed frontman Scott Stapp

Cousins, left, and '00s-era Creed frontman Scott Stapp Associated Press

It looks like the Minnesota Vikings landed prize free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins. The former Washington Redskin inked a three-year, fully guaranteed $86 million contract with the Vikes, WCCO's Mark Rosen reported Tuesday.

What does it all mean? 

It means Minnesota has an above-average, in-his-prime QB for the first time since ... well, probably since the moment before Daunte Culpepper's knee was torn to ribbons in 2005.

But what does it all mean culturally

It means Minnesota has an avowed Creed fan on its roster. That's right: Cousins, 29, appears to be super into the Christian-leaning rock band, one that's almost universally mocked by critics and many, many music lovers. Here's the harrowing evidence: 

That tweet spurred waves of haters; Cousins was widely ridiculed. So much so, in fact, that he backed away from his apparent Creed fandom, instead pivoting to express his love for Switchfoot, Mat Kearney, the Fray, and Parachute. 

In this 2017 Mic'd Up segment from Redskins training camp, we learn even more. 

"I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian worship music," says Cousins, a preacher's son. "Listen to a lot of alternative rock. My favorite band in the world is Switchfoot. I also like Mat Kearney. I really like Coldplay -- I'm trying to go the concert on Sunday night at FedEx Field; that would make me happy. And, yeah, I've been kinda razzed for liking Creed a lot, but I was joking ... I just got killed, people came outta the woodwork, like, 'I knew I hated this guy, he loves Creed.' And I'm like, Creed was alright ... like in 7th grade."

Hmm. If we had to hazard a guess, it's extremely likely that Cousins is still into Creed. Super into 'em, even. But ya know what? That's OK.

To paraphrase my full-throated defense of Nickelback (in a blog post about Nickelback's throat cyst, no less), dunking on schlocky post-grunge bands that everyone hates is at least as boring as the actual music. Sorta-bad artists operating under the pretenses of being "cool" -- something Creed, Nickelback, and those bands' legions of fans would never dream of -- is objectively more offensive. Here's looking at you, Dawes, Milky Chance, Matt & Kim, Cold War Kids, Lucius, etc. 

Plus, Creed frontman Scott Stapp has gone through some serious shit throughout the years, and it looks like he's finally turning his life around. We should take a cue from Stapp's 1999 mega-hit, "With Arms Wide Open," and welcome him with the Jesus-y kindness of Cousins, who's also an occasional art critic.