Will the real MC Skat Kat please stand up?

No longer a cartoon, the cat finds a home at the Current

class=img_thumbleft>Fans of Paula Abdul (pre-Idol/Corey Clark days) might remember

MC Skat Kat

as the crusty cartoon cat who rapped and danced his way straight outta South Central L.A. and into the hearts of suburban moms everywhere via Abdul's 1989 "Opposites Attract" video. While the

myths of MC Skat Kat

are on par with stories about the kid from the Life commercial whose head supposedly blew up after he washed down his Pop Rocks with Pepsi, MC Skat Kat's true-life tales are a little less explosive. It turns out that Skat Kat, Derrick Stevens, is alive and well and working as the production manager at

89.3 the Current.

In Peter Scholtes' excellent history of Twin Cities hip-hop, the story of Derrick "Delite" Stevens is detailed, from his days as Kid Delite to MC Skat Kat. Still, it seems that MC Skat Kat's real identity has eluded most fans for years, as illustrator Michael Patterson has been mistakenly credited as the voice behind Abdul's feline friend. Now that the, ummmm, cat's outta the bag, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some day I'll hear Skat Kat's "I Ain't No Kitty" sandwiched between songs by Sufjan Stevens and Sleater-Kinney.

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