Will Bauermeister: Nature is a comfortable backdrop for my music

Will Bauermeister: Nature is a comfortable backdrop for my music
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Formerly of Dazy Head Mazy, Will Bauermeister is releasing his first solo effort, an album almost a decade in the making. 110 Objects has Will crafting stories in an environment that has him working with a careful application of patience.

Before his album release on Friday at O'Gara's, Will spoke with Gimme Noise about who has influenced him the most and the difference in being a solo artist after being in a band for so long.

Gimme Noise: How does this music differ from Dazy Head Mazy?

Will Bauermeister: The entire recording is done by myself. Drums, bass, keys, strings, effects, done digitally. Guitar, ukelele, and vocals performed by myself. The songs tend to be shorter than a Dazy song and tend to have vocals present to a greater percentage. Subject matter, arrangement, tone, mood tend to be similar.

Gimme Noise: Is this the direction you're looking towards in music?

Will Bauermeister: Not necessarily. This first album is more of a sketchbook style album, so I didn't labor over solos and counterpoint -- I kept those elements basic. You hear the songs close to the way they were written with less evolution. Even the Dazy re-do "Red Sky" returns to a bluegrass feel on this album. I would like very much to progress from there on future recordings.

Gimme Noise: How do you think being in a band like Dazy Head Mazy has made you a better musician and businessman?

Will Bauermeister: It's the connections -- meeting people and learning from them, working with a really skilled sound man and band members, being open minded and seeing what works for the community of the venue and listeners, making mistakes and moving on from them, and recognizing good musicianship -- like the talent joining me at the release -- has been paramount. As far as business goes, everything improved 500% when Dazy was joined by our manager David McLaughlin. He is still with me today and still pivotal to success.

Gimme Noise: Tell me a little bit more about the title 110 Objects, or rather the story behind the name. Why do you connect so much with Charles Messier, who influenced a lot of your work?

Will Bauermeister: In France, somewhere in the mid 1700's, Charles Messier was searching for comets, which was the style at the time. He was frustrated by all the comet-looking objects that were presenting themselves so often. He decided to start logging these items, naming them, cataloging them, and generally getting the last laugh. It wasn't long before he had a small library of astronomical objects, notes, sketches, and cutting edge information that the world would find valuable long past his life time. He even found a bakers dozen comets. Charles Messier turned a burden into an opportunity for the rest of time.

I don't know if I connect with him so much as I just admire him. I don't know if I always do what he did. He was handed lemons and truly turned it into lemon smoothies with vitamin supplements. I don't want people to think I'm as clever as he was, I just want to give him some credit and recognition.

Gimme Noise: Your music has a lot of elements of nature in it. How and why do you think it found its way into the music?

Will Bauermeister: Before I was a musician, I worked in outdoor education/recreation. In more than one way leading me to the music trade, I had to leave work in the great outdoors to navigate a busy performing schedule -- usually supplementing with a side job. Even during my busiest seasons, I always missed environmental work and conservation, so when our manager joined us and streamlined our business, I had a opportunity to revisit and eventually return to my outdoor roots. The dots connect easy from there. Continuing in songwriting and filling my head with updated information of nature: my two worlds met in new songs.

Gimme Noise: Did you set out to include nature in your music?

Will Bauermeister: By default I would have to say yes. Nature seems to be a very comfortable back drop for my story lines.

Gimme Noise: I find musicians who release solo works have been working on the music for a long time and in between other projects. When was the music written?

Will Bauermeister: One song was written before the millennium. The rest, from 2005 on.

Gimme Noise: How did you find the time to write?

Will Bauermeister: The music Ideas find me; I record the gist anyway I can, flesh it out in my leisure, then practice.

Gimme Noise: Any standout tracks off the album?

Will Bauermeister: Yuppers. "Beside Me," "Red Sky," "110 Objects," and a surprise favorite, "Dakota."

Gimme Noise: What can we expect to see at the album release show?

Will Bauermeister: I am very happy to announce that this will be a performance of new material and revisit of Dazy songs overs from my past that have influenced me. I will be joined by the talented Matthew Baxley on the banjo early in the evening. You will hear two of the best guitarists in the country, Steve Murphy and Jade Murphy, as an acoustic duo. The two of them will then join me in the performance of the album itself -- and that is just for starters. The party will simple spiral out of control from there in an intoxicating chaos of merriment.

Will Bauermeister will release 110 Objects at O'Gara's Garage on Friday, September 27, 2013 with Steve and Jade Murphy.
21+, $6, 8 pm

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