Will B-Girl Be? Not in 2008

Where have all the b-girls gone? The annual B-Girl Be summit for women in hip-hop will not be taking place this year, as the organizers have decided to go on a one-year hiatus. Hosted by Intermedia Arts in Uptown, the event has become a touchstone for hip-hop ladies from around the world, culminating each summer with a four day summit that includes live performances, exhibitions, workshops and discussions for b-girls of all ages.

(See also: Pete Scholtes's cover story on B-Girl Be from last year.)

According to Intermedia Arts executive/artistic director Theresa Sweetland, the reason for taking a year off from the summit is simple: the B-Girl Be organizers are in it for the long haul, and they want to make sure that they have the energy and resources to make the next gathering as successful as possible. "This decision was made by Intermedia Arts and the B-Girl Be curatorial committee at the completion of last summer's summit to give us a chance to rest, regroup, raise funds and sustain ourselves for the long haul," she says.

Sweetland insists that despite the hiatus, Intermedia Arts will continue to provide events and services for young women in the arts. They are currently selling a documentary DVD about the 2006 B-Girl Be summit on their website, and this summer Intermedia Arts will host the Wisconsin-based Project Girl, a series of exhibits and workshops geared toward young women ages 10-18. Project Girl opens at Intermedia Arts on June 6, 2008.