Wilco whine their way into more honors after earning honorary Duluth citizenship

Wilco at the DECC

Wilco at the DECC

Jeez. How's that saying go? Give 'em an inch, and they'll take a mile? After being awarded honorary citizenship by Duluth mayor Don Ness at their show at the DECC last weekend, Wilco went on to play Madison and stopped mid-show to request similar accolades from Wisconsin's capital.

From the Capital Times review of Wilco's Madison show:

"Last night, the mayor of Duluth made us an honorary Duluth band," Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy jokingly griped to the audience. "And we've only played there twice. How many times have we played Madison? A lot. No key to the city, no certificate, nothing."

A member of the Madison city council, Ald. Satya Rhodes-Conway, followed suit by drafting up a resolution to award the members of the alt-country rock band honorary citizenship in their city as well -- the resolution is set to go before the city council for approval on March 2. All of which amounts to a lot of paper pushing and municipal time wasted over what is a frivolous and somewhat ridiculous end.

The full resolution is posted over on the Cap Times site, complete with amazing criterion like "WHEREAS, Jeff Tweedy says of Madison: 'We really like it here.'"

[via Daily Swarm]