Wilco cover the Replacements' "Color Me Impressed" with Tommy Stinson

Wilco in Duluth in 2012
Wilco in Duluth in 2012
Photo by Erik Hess

If the excitement for Wilco's upcoming show with Bob Dylan at Midway Stadium wasn't already causing minor hyperventilation among the local Americana set, this past weekend's events added a new dimension. The accomplished Chicago band, fronted by the newly gleeful Jeff Tweedy, put on their own music festival in Massachusetts called Solid Sound and did their fans a solid by performing an entire set of unique covers.

They did Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," and they did an 11-minute version of Television's "Marquee Moon." But Tweedy and company also paid tribute to the reformed Replacements with a Hootenanny-era jam, "Color Me Impressed." And if that isn't enough for ya, Tommy Stinson was there onstage to hammer it home.

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The good folks at NYCTaper have high quality FLAC versions of the set, which also included tunes by the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, and Big Star. And the Modern Lovers. This is a goldmine. You can get 'em all here. It has been such a popular set for downloading that the site's servers couldn't handle demand.

Right now, you should check out "Color Me Impressed," which has been a longtime Tweedy favorite.

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