Why Jeremy Messersmith should release a live album

The storied year of sensitive rocker Jeremy Messersmith has understandably focused on the dynamics and thrills of his latest record, Heart Murmurs. It's an album that encapsulates the continued climb of his career -- he even has his own doughnut now -- even as the road is steadily steeper on a major label like Glassnote Records. Each song overflows with craftsmanship, raw emotion, and just enough seasonal reflection for it to resonate even deeper in Minneapolis.

Messersmith's formidable performance skills are nothing to sneeze at either, though. His poised album-release show at First Avenue evidenced the noisier capabilities of his expression, and a Miley Cyrus cover during this year's Rock the Garden shows he hasn't lost his sense of humor along the way. A recent live Messersmith experience can be relived thanks to the good folks at NYC Taper, who plugged in at his show in New Jersey. Note: This is not an official JM release, but it's a good case for future live recording explorations.

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Messersmith performed 11 songs spanning baroque rock, folk, and what eventually explodes into a feedback bender of "Hitman" during his 46-minute set at the XPonential Music Festival in Camden, New Jersey, last week.

"There really is nothing like dancing around on stage while strumming three chords on acoustic guitar, ladies and gentlemen," he says during the set. "If you're looking for a job, this is a pretty great one." It's one thing to write a catchy song, but it's wholly something else to deliver it every night with such precision.

On this recording, you can taste the potential of live interplay with guitarist Peter Sieve, keyboardist Sarah Perbix, Ian Allison on bass, and drummer Andy "Tito" Thompson, which is a character of its own. Even when he's just a solo man with his guitar -- as was the case on his supper club tour dates -- Messersmith has proven himself more than someone who can be crammed into a studio creation. Let's let him breathe.

NYC Taper always grabs high-quality recordings, and this is no exception. Download MP3 or FLAC files from the show here, or stream below:

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