Why everyone's getting down at the Soap Factory's Into the Void

Why everyone's getting down at the Soap Factory's Into the Void

Primarily known as a local violinist with Brute Heart and Myrrh, Jackie Beckey -- AKA DJ Diarrhea -- and co-conspirator Christopher Allen of Bedlam theater fame have created possibly the be-all, end-all of epic holiday time blasts with Into the Void. This Saturday the two and a bevy of talented collaborators are taking over the Soap Factory as part of their Sound On-Site series of collaborative and experimental music events.

Like a real happening, Into the Void promises psychedelic projections and interactive space caves courtesy of Heart of the Beast and a sight specific musical installation by Nona Marie of Dark Dark Dark. It should envelop attendees as pulsing dance music instigates bacchanalian magnificence in the Soap Factory's ever chameleon-like walls.

In between setting up her DJ gear and a bouncy castle for the big night we were able to corner Beckey for a minute to fill us in on what to expect from the unexpected evening.

Gimme Noise: So tell me about Into the Void. It looks like it could be a really fun night and a good combination of your musical interests and perhaps interest in public performance, art, community gathering kinda thing. What was the inspiration for it?

Jackie Beckey: Christopher and I are interested in curating events that go above and beyond the usual music listening experience. We are dedicated to creating events that are heightened sensory experiences -- we love interactive/multimedia events that take concert-going to the next level.

Christopher Allen and I have been huge community theatre enthusiasts for many years. He and I have both been active participants in the Barebones Halloween show and Christopher has been involved with the community-oriented theatre Bedlam Theatre for many years. I have also curated many community-art events such as parades and interactive/multimedia music events.

Musically what can people expect? Will your average shy guy or gal be able to show up and really get down? Or does it take a special kind of someone in the know to catch a groove at Into the Void?

The average shy guy/gal should definitely be able to "get down." Christopher and I are huge fans of bounce and trap music and plan to pull a lot of music from those genres.

Now that's what is up! Cool. It seems as music has splintered off in so many directions and become as much a part of an artist's overall repertoire of concentrations and event curating as much it's own discipline as others, How do you see localized events being able to grow and become an institutionalized attraction? Ya know, without getting to Burning Man-y..

I think that events such as ours definitely have the potential to reach higher levels of notoriety. Christopher and I do have a commitment and a background in creating underground events that are seeking to live and operate outside of the usual levels of hype and accessibility so I hope that this event and future events do attract a wide range of people while still retaining its weird-nerdy character. Who knows what will happen next...

Do you have any other big events coming up that you are either a part of or organizing? I have some suggestions.. How about a massive yarning marathon set to disco music, Or a room full of pastry chefs scaling fish while jugglers simultaneously paint their eyelashes? What do ya think?

These events sound fantastic! Christopher and I do plan on booking more weirdo dance parties in the near future. We don't have anything concrete in the works yet.

I'm a big fan of Brute Heart and way into Myrrh. Do you have anything more concentrated on your own music a-brewin'?

I have been writing film scores with another Minneapolis string player, Jonathan Kaiser, and we are planning on recording some of our scores and writing some more in the near future.

Perfect! Hey, speaking of brew. What's your favorite winter drink specialty?

An El Dorado made by my buddy who runs a special bar called Golden Flask!!

Why everyone's getting down at the Soap Factory's Into the Void

Into the Void takes place Saturday, December 7, 9pm at the Soap Factory. Check out the facebook event for more info and how to get tickets.

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