Why aren't you dancing for Lizzo, acting for Craig Finn?

Lizzo at First Avenue in 2014

Lizzo at First Avenue in 2014

Hey you! Multitalented Twin Cities music fan! Two of your city's musical beacons are holding cattle calls you need to respond to.

GRRRL PRTY emcee and uncontainable good time Lizzo needs to stock up for and impending tour and will be holding open auditions for backup dancers. So, if you're over 5'6", female, and preferably curvy and/or you blew your audition last March, now's your chance to twerk around the U.S. alongside the Minneapolis party-rap ambassador. Auditions will be held tomorrow (yes, tomorrow) at 6 p.m., so interested parties (and partiers) should email [email protected] and get to work un-rusting their robot.

In other GRRRL PRTY news, the crew dropped a new track, "GRRRL ANTHEM," earlier today (posted below). You can catch 'em August 28 at First Avenue. 

For the theatrically inclined, erstwhile Lifter Puller frontman, current Hold Steady arm-flailer, and Friday Night Lights fanatic Craig Finn is crowdsourcing footage for his upcoming "Maggie, I've Been Searching for Our Son" music video (also posted below). Participants interested in contributing are urged to interpret the Faith in the Future song's lyrics and upload their video interpretation to The bespectacled post-punk icon's parameters for participation are a little looser than Lizzo's — he suggests including a dog, cat, or snake in your video and whipping things à la Devo. But Finn isn't too hung up on quality, assuredly saying, "Don't get too hung up on quality, an iPhone video or any of the camera apps will work great."

So there you go, Minneapolis, your ticket to fame. Or at least low-level schmoozing with hometown heroes. If you've got the chops and the gall, why not throw yourself into the ring and get some rise in your local star?

Or, if you're a talentless hack, you can just try out for Survivor instead.